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EXCLUSIVERob Schneider is teaming up with comedian pal Max Amini to direct the LA-based stand up’s hourlong special Max Amini: Authentically Absurd. Amini is set to perform two live shows this month at the Wallis Annenberg Theater in Beverly Hills, with filming slated to take place during the sold-out Saturday July 26 show…”

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Authentically Absurd Live Taping in Los Angeles!

July 26th 2014 Max Amini filmed 3 live sold out shows at the Wallis Theater in Beverly Hills for his upcoming 1 hour comedy special “Authentically Absurd.” Check out some stills from this massive event!

Live From Toronto

1400 Seats, 2 sold out shows in Toronto… Was one of my hottest night of comedy!
The pre-show I put together for this event is my favorite one thus far!

Max Amini Live in TorontoMax Live in Toronto

Live From Australia

Max Amini Live in AustraliaMax Live in Australia

Max Live in Australia

Live From Dubai

Max Amini Live From Dubai

Max Live in Dubai

Max Amini Live in DubaiMax Live in DubaiMax Amini in Dubai

Max Amini Live in Dubai

The Camera Man Blog: LONDON

Upon landing in London, the mood was optimistic and exciting. We spent the day prior to the show preparing, where I had to create my shot list of what to capture during Max’s performance, and Max spent the day writing jokes about his experience in London. The day of the show, we arrived at the Art Depot in North London, where I met the opener for Max’s show, Iranian comedian Peyman Khorshandi.

When Max got on stage the energy was electric and his performance was well received. The London audience connected with Max’s humor right away when he opened with discussing the difference between Americans and the British. Max walked off the stage to a huge ovation and spent hours after the show taking pictures with the fans. The next day, Max was invited by his good friend actor/comedian Omid Djalili to his show at the Pelican Theatre. After Omid’s show, I had a chance to meet his wife for the first time and we all had tea and shared stories about our experience in London so far. The next day, the perks of being a cameraman who happens to work for his cousin came to light…


The Camera Man Blog: Vancouver

Just this past November the Max Amini crew headed to see all the good people in Vancouver, British Columbia for a show at the Centennial Theatre. These are busy times here at the Max Amini camp, so like most trips this one started with a mad dash to the Airport just in time to catch our flight via Air Canada!! From beginning to end Vancouver was an incredible experience. When we arrived in Vancouver, the A3Entertainment promoters, Ebi and Qatar, greeted us. They took us to a local restaurant where one of the Iranian Chefs recognized Max immediately and we got some appetizers and Persian tea on the house! Quite the warm welcome to Vancouver!

When we travel, our schedule is always jam-packed before the show. Prior to the show, we planned a lunch with Max’s opening act Amir K and Melissa Shoshahi. Right after we went for a quick sound check at the Theatre. From there it was a rush back to the Hotel to get dressed and ready for the show that night.

Max Amini In Vancouver 01

The show went amazing! It was a sold out show with 700 in the audience.  If you have never seen Max just come up with material on the fly  (more…)


As a comedian, the only good/bad news is landing two great gigs at the same time; its difficult to make those decisions. Last year around this time, I got offered to perform at an army base, which was very interesting but intimidating! As a Middle Eastern comedian to go to the army base and entertain the troops that are fighting in the Middle East, was a bit of a terrifying thought.  Anyhoo, I took my good friend Esau Mcgraw who’s a very funny headliner to go along with me to Fort Leonard Woods Army Base, located on the out skirts of Missouri.

Personally,  I enjoy challenges and daring situations, so deep down I was nervous yet excited at the same time.  Interestingly enough, I discovered that I was not the only one who had  felt that way.  Two of the major generals there also had the same concern. They had raised their concerns to the Army booker and said “Of all comedians, you had to book a Middle Eastern comedian?!”

Upon arrival, they greeted us very warmly and  then quickly escorted us to meet one of the” big cats.”  The soldier introduced me as “he’s our Middle Eastern comedian, Sir!”  I extended my hand and said “Hi, I’m Max Amini,” he intensely examined me and said “Looking forward to seeing your performance, son.”  The duration of the day,  I feverishly went over my set trying to find the best material for the gig.  I called a couple of my other Middle Eastern comedian friends to inquire if they’ve ever done an army gigs and if they have any advice… neither had and they both sarcastically said “Good Luck” lol.  The night of the show there were 800 soldiers. Esau started the show, did  40 minutes, and then brought me on stage. I started the show by dancing to a Punjabi MC/Jay Z song, they found it very funny and from there I introduced myself as ” I’m a Middle Eastern Comedian and I’m scared as a mother f*cker!” The crowd received me so well, that I ended up doing an hour and half set; this turned out to be one of my strongest and most memorable performances! I had the time of my life with these soldiers and learned so much the few days I was there. This year I have another offer to go, but it’s conflicting with a cruise gig, hmmm??? decisions, decisions??…

New Post Cards

I’d like to title the first post card the “Gangster of Comedy”. This was from a photo shoot Of Don Bishop Magic Juan’s TV show. It was a pretty funny Episode where he puts his years of skills into action. I hosted the Players Ball 2010 and this was they’re way of interducing the concept of the event to me. The out fits are fascinating and bold.

Second post card came out of a random photo shoot I did, and  I fell in love with it. Since then  it’s been my main logo and signature pose.

Norooz Event

Iranian New years is on March 20th every year. It’s the first day of spring and Iran and several other countries celebrate this day. As an Iranian comedian this is my best month of the year, since every Iranian organization puts on an event. From couple of weeks before and until couple of weeks after March 20th the events are going strong. This year I worked in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Maryland and Virginia. I’m originally from the DC area and most my family lives there. So every time I get a gig in the DC area it’s double the fun. I get to work and see my family and friends. Every year University of George Mason puts on a huge Norooz event. This was my first time attending this even and it was in a 2000 seater auditorium. The event sells out every year and I have to say by far this was my favorite show out of all gigs this year. Not that the other shows weren’t fun, but it’s so much fun for me to perform in large venues like that. Just the sound of the audience’s laughter is a unique experience of its own. This show in particular was great because there was a lot of looove! Everyone is out with their family to have a good time and they’re all in good spirits. You can’t go wrong with a show like that you just have to maximize your fun by giving it all you got! After that show two days later I performed at University of Maryland. This was a celebration for Charshanbeh Souri if you’re not an Iranian you probably don’t know what that is, and frankly I don’t feel like explaining it. Just so you know it’s a fun outdoorsy celebration. I was the host for Kamyar’s concert. Kamyar is an Iranian singer; he mixes Iranian music with soul R&B and has a very unique style. This show was in Bowie MD. They had set up with large fancy tints and etc. It was a lot of fun too, except I had forgotten how cold it gets there at night and wasn’t wearing enough cloths, but hey it was too late and I just made the best of it.

These were the high lights of this year’s Norooz events. Look forward to see what next year is gonna bring me! Peace.

Pics from GMU (Taken by: Ali Khaligh)

Pics from UMD: